Bosch Series 4 – Ceran Hob with Touch Control Panel 600mm

Discover the Bosch Ceran Hob with Touch Control Panel, a 600mm masterpiece that puts you in complete control of your cooking. With TouchSelect, easily adjust power levels and enjoy added convenience with QuickStart and ReStart functions. The hob stores your settings temporarily and features a ChildLock for added safety. Experience comfort, efficiency, and time-saving features with variable power settings and quick switch-off options. The frameless design adds a touch of elegance to your kitchen. Safety features include residual heat indicators, a safety lock, and automatic switch-off. Installation is a breeze with its dimensions and required niche size. Unlock a new level of cooking excellence with the Bosch Ceran Hob.



Product Description

  • Bosch Ceran Hob with Touch Control Panel 600mm
  • With our control elements, you have everything under control

With the TouchSelect control, you can regulate the desired cooking zone easily. Simply select the power level you need. The additional functions QuickStart and ReStart make cooking even easier.

Stores your control settings.

If you turn off the cooktop it saves the last selected setting for a short time. If the cooktop is switched of within a short time again the former settings are still available.

The handy ChildLock locks the control panel.

The handy ChildLock locks the control panel to prevent accidental changes in settings.

Comfort & Convenience

  • TouchControl +/- (EasyTouch): control the power with imprinted +/- touch buttons.
  • Variable 17-stage power settings for each zone: precisely adapt the heat with 17 power levels (9 main levels and 8 intermediate levels).

Time saving & efficiency

  • yes: in case of unintentional switch-off, restore all previous settings by switching on the hob again within 4 seconds.
  • yes: quickly switch off a cooking zone with one longer touch.


  • Frameless design


  • 2 stage Hh residual heat indicator for each zone: indicates which cooking zones are still hot or warm.
  • Safety lock: prevent unintended activation of the hob.
  • Main on/off switch: switch off all cooking zones at the touch of a button.
  • Power on indicator light: indicates if the hob is heating.
  • Automatic safety switch-off: for safety reasons, heating stops after a preset time without interaction (customizable).


  • Dimensions of the product (HxWxD mm): 45 x 592 x 522
  • Required niche size for installation (HxWxD mm) : 45 x 560 x (490 – 500)
  • Min. worktop thickness: 16 mm
  • Connected load: 6600 W

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