Bosch Series 6 – Oven with Multifunction Fan – 60cm

Equipped with a powerful multifunction fan, this Bosch Series 6 – Oven with Multifunction Fan – 60cm ensures even heat distribution throughout the cavity, guaranteeing perfectly cooked dishes every time. Whether you’re baking, roasting, grilling, or defrosting, the multifunction capabilities provide endless possibilities to unleash your culinary creativity.


Product Description

Purchase the Bosch Series 6 – 60cm Oven with Multifunction Fan today and add a clas of touch to your kitchen. Experience precise temperature control, efficient heat distribution, and a range of cooking modes . Upgrade your cooking experience with this high-quality oven from Bosch.

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Bosch Stainless Steel Oven with Multifunction Fan - 60cm

Evenly baked results - on up to three levels.

Evenly baked results - on up to three levels.
This function distributes heat quickly and evenly throughout the oven, making it possible to cook on up to three levels simultaneously. Sweet and savoury dishes can be cooked at the same time without mixing flavours.

Oven cleaning made easy.

Oven cleaning made easy.
EcoClean Direct takes the effort out of oven cleaning. A special coating of microfine ceramic spheres on the oven walls and roof gently breaks down grease spatters while you roast or bake. Whenever you want to clean the oven, simply wipe the oven floor and the glass door. For optimum cleaning, simply activate the regeneration cycle from time to time. This long-lasting coating saves you time and energy.

SoftClose door

SoftClose door
Oven doors are now more convenient than ever: A special damping mechanism prevents oven doors from slamming shut. As you gently push the door shut, it stops just before closing and then shuts itself gently and quietly, thus guaranteeing a long life for both your oven and the oven door.

Handle your dishes more safely and easily.

Handle your dishes more safely and easily.
Our shelf system is safe and easy to use. It's much easier to place food on a level equipped with telescopic rails. You no longer need to reach into the hot oven to check the cooking status.


  • Where Can the Appliance Be Installed: Base Cabinet, High Cupboard Installation
  • Colour: Stainless Steel
  • Number of Heating & Combination Modes: 8
  • Cooking Method: Bottom Heat, Conventional Heat, Defrost, Full Width Variable Grill, Hot Air, Hotair Gentle, Hot Air Grilling, Pizza Setting
  • Range of Temperature (°C): 50-275 °C
  • Integrated Cleaning System: Catalytic All Sides
  • Pull-Out System: 1-Level
  • Door Hinge: Bottom, Damped
  • Usable Volume (of Cavity): 66 L
  • Energy Efficiency Rating: A
  • Safety Device: Childproof Lock, Residual Heat Indicator
  • Included Accessories: 1 X Enamel Baking Tray, 1 X Combination Grid, 1 X Universal Pan


  • Dimensions: 595 X 594 X 548 mm
  • Minimum Height for Installation: 575 mm
  • Maximum Height for Installation: 597 mm
  • Minimum Width for Installation: 560 mm
  • Maximum Width for Installation: 568 mm
  • Depth for Installation: 550 mm
  • Net Weight: 34.4 Kg

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